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Sometimes collecting , growing, and showing your lilies just isn’t enough. The day may come when your garden does not have room for one more lily, but your creative urges kick in and you say, “I want lilies that are newer than new. I want to create my own originals to suit my own tastes.” […]

In the US lily fanciers mostly grow hybrids for two reasons. The first is that most species, including our own, are not easily pleased by the widely varying conditions in our suburban gardens. The second is that the great majority of the cultivars available to us have been the hybrid products of the cut flower […]

In our heart of hearts all hybridizers want to combine the best qualities of all lilies into a series of fabulous beauties with new forms, colors, habits and seasons. They would be so vigorous, adaptable, and healthy that soon they would be as common as those impostors which only borrow the name lily. Alas, the […]

In the early eighties, when I first became interested in polyploid lilies, the scarcity of breeding stock was only equaled by the scarcity of knowledge in how to use them. Fortunately, that has now changed to the point that keen and persistent amateurs can now get their hands on some really marvelous hybridizing tools. In […]